Carpal Tunnel is an injury affecting the fingers, hand, wrist and arm and can move even higher to affect the back as well. The numbers of work related injuries to the hands and arms are growing as education to the average office employee is missing. The average worker can end up spending a reasonable amount of time in their workstation. With proper positioning and use of the correct ergonomic equipment, problems can be avoided for both the employee and employer.

Carpal tunnel in the workstation environment is caused by the improper positioning of the wrist and arm while typing and using the mouse. Your arm should be held a completely relaxed position and at the same level as the mouse and keyboard. You do not want to angle your wrist upward or down while typing, but keep it in a relaxed angle making it easy to type.

In order to get the proper height, most desks will require an ergonomic adjustable keyboard tray attached to them in order to help with height adjustment and maintaining that relaxed position. The keyboard tray can include a mouse platform on the side of keyboard placement or the mouse can be separate from the tray. One can feel the effects of good ergonomics once they start to use a keyboard tray within hours as less stress is put on the arms and back.

Most desk heights are incorrect for the chair placement when it comes to leaving the keyboard on your desk. If using the keyboard and mouse on your desk, make sure that your office chair is adjustable to help with height placement. Even the most economic office chair models can include a height adjustment mechanism which is also recommended for proper positioning.

The office chair that you sit in can also be important both to proper ergonomics and to the prevention of injuries like carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel is said to have roots in the upper lumbar area and neck as well, with many massage therapists treating carpal tunnel through therapy in the neck and upper back area. Sitting in an office chair with proper lumbar support and tilt mechanisms to keep the body at a slightly reclined and relaxed position is also important.

With proper employee training and equipment, carpal tunnel can be avoided and employees are more productive when comfortable in their environment. With all of the new ergonomic products and equipment on sale, it can be easy to find the right supplies for your workspace and avoid injury completely.