My twenty-something son called me the other day to ask me “What should I do about my Carpal Tunnel”? He works on a computer all day and his wrists are just killing him. I suggested he got a gel pad thingy that you put in front of your keyboard. This has helped me in the past but I'm not on the computer all day like he is. He pointed out that he uses a laptop so the gel thingy will not work.

So I started doing some research and there are a lot of things out there that people swear will help and even cure you without surgery. One of the cures was Emu oil, another was an elastic brace that you wear all night, both of these will cost you a bit but if they worked you'd be happy.

It is hard to know what will work and when you're in pain you will try anything.

I told my son to try this exercise, do it a few times a day … it maybe simple but sometimes, “out of simple things precedes that which is great”

“Place your hands together palms touching as if in the praying position. Then while keeping your fingers touching the fingers on the other hand slowly pull the palms away from each other, keeping the fingers in place, it will push the fingers against each other and you will feel the strain in your wrist and through your hands as you slowly place more and more pressure pushing the fingers ratio only of your hands against each other, press as hard as you can and hold for a count of 10, then release and relax your hands, repeat a couple of times each night until the pain is gone. It's so simple and it really really works wonders. ”