In order to better understand and identify carpel tunnel syndrome symptoms, one must first understand the anatomy of the hand, wrist and fingers. A medical nerve is located in the hands and passes through a rather constrictive passageway called the carpel tunnel. This tunnel enterprises of three different sides, all cornered by bone. The fourth side features a ligament called the transverse carpal ligament. Nine tendons pass through this tunnel passageway in the hands, and combined with the median nerve, they allow you to form a fist with your hand and provide movement allocations to the fingers, wrists and hands. When repetitive strain is caused – most often by over usage of the hands, wrists and fingers – the tendons can become inflamed and can swell, thereby causing compression of the nerve and commonly resulting in chronic symptoms such as tingling in the hands, fingers or wrists , temporary loss of feeling or numbness and chronic pain. The symptoms are often further aggravated by usage of the hands when the nerve becomes increasingly irritated, further instigating associated symptoms. Knowing how to identify key symptoms of this disorder can help you better proactively seek treatment to gain effective relief.

Tingling in Hands

Tingling in the hands, fingers or wrists is a common experience for anyone that uses these body parts frequently for their occupation or hobby. When the tingling is chronic and recurring, it can be the sign of something more serious. Tingling is the result of the nerve reacting. When complete numbness occurs – which is generally temporary – it can also be the result of lack of blood flow to these areas. When improper circulation has been ruled out as the culprit, however, the tingling and numbness can often be related to nerve compression.

Chronic Hand Pain

Hand pain that is chronic by its nature can be a devastating and debilitating experience for anyone. It can also be difficult to ascertain what the source of such pain signal is. Hand pain sufferers commonly suffer from inflamed tendons in the hand that can cause compression of the median nerve. In this instance, it's vital to gain doctor oversight and proper diagnoses in order to correct the problem and procure pain relief.

Numbness in Fingers, Wrists or Hands

Numbness in the hands, fingers or wrists should never be ignored. When poor circulation has been ruled out, numbness is a serious issue. It basically is a way of your body telling you that something is not working properly in your hands. Numbness occurs when the nerve is so compressed and irritated that it has difficulty communicating with the central nervous system. If ignored for too long, it could result in permanent nerve damage and loss of feeling and responsiveness in the affected areas.

Treatment Options

There exists a variety of modernized treatment options that sufferers can seek out for treatment of carpel tunnel syndromes and median nerve compression. A variety of outpatient rehabilitation methods exist that can provide noninvasive relief of chronic pain and associated symptoms. For more severe cases, an array of invasive and semi-invasive surgical options exists that can be discussed with your treating doctor.