If your occupation requires your hands, assuredly there will be some hand pain that follows at some point in time. This indisposition, tragically, affects countless people as they go about their daily routine and their lives. For persons who rely upon their hands to accomplish their daily tasks, aching hands, fingers, wrists and elbows are the plague that besets them from time to time, and one that detrimentally hampers their productivity. It is this beguiling menace that often can keep many of us otherwise avid writers from adequately performing our daily duties and meeting our obligations. As a professional writer, I've learned this hard way over a great deal of years. After struggling with the symptoms, a few methods have been earmarked along the way that have helped me enjoy pain free hands. In this article, I will share a few secrets of the trade with you.

Stretch Your Arms and Hands Every Hour

Your arms, fingers, hands and wrists – and other digits – contain muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and joints. If you overuse them, they will become strained. Think of writing, or working long hours with your hands, much in the same manner that you would say, going for a jog. You need to stretch out before you work out. That being said: make sure that you are fully stretching your arms, fingers, wrists, elbows and hands every hour. After all, as a pro writer, you are working out every hour of the day.

Behold: The Open Hand Flex

This move is a simple one that I like to call the Open Hand Flex. I've found it marvelous over the years for ensuring that I enjoy pain free hands. This method is rather basic yet very effective. Extend your palms so that your fingers point upwards, with your knuckles aiming at your front side. Now stretch out your fingers so that your digits are fully extended on your hands. Hold this position while flexing your fingers forward for 30 seconds and repeat three times for a full stretch.

The Five Finger Wall Press

A great method I use from time to time to combat aching wrists can help you do battle with arthritic symptoms. Open your hand flat and perform the Open Hand Flex move (mentioned above). Now press your palms against a wall and push in so your fingers are being pushed towards you. Hold this press for about 10 seconds and repeat three times.

The Pullback Method

A very effective and quick method for easing pain uses using pullback methods. This one is very easy to execute. Spread your palm and fingers again, as mentioned in the previous exercises, only do this for one hand. Then grab the tips of your fingers with the other free hand and slowly pull them back towards your body. Pull until you feel light tension and then hold. Keep the hold – or pullback – for at least 10 seconds. Make sure you repeat this exercise on the opposite hand. Be sure to perform this routine at least twice per day for the best results.

Ongoing Strengthening and Conditioning Methods

Remember, your hands will only be as strong as you build them up to be. The more that you build and stretch them, the stronger and more resilient they will be, not to mention that your range of motion will drastically expand as well. Be sure that you consult with your physician or physical therapist for further strengthening and conditioning methods that can net you pain free hands more often than not.