The other day I was shaking someone's hand and they noted that I had strong hands. Personally, I had not thought much about it because, to me they are just normal, but to someone without strong hands it is noticeable. In any case, they later told me that they did not have strong hands, and their hands and wrists often hurt – badly in fact. They told me that they could not do many push-ups either, not because they did not have upper body strength but rather because their wrists and hands just could not hold up their weight long enough to complete 20 or so push-ups. Okay so, let's talk say we?

You see, this young man went to the gym every day and he used various machines and you'd think that would keep his hands and wrists in top form and give him some strength to boot. But that is not what was happening at all – instead he was babysitting his hands and wrists and avoiding the pain. Well, you know what they say; “no pain, no gain” or maybe for some of us, a little pain and some gain? I surprised to myself “what good is strong upper body and the ability to have big muscles if you can not use them? , embarrassing, but it's more than that actually.

Indeed, all that strength isiable to have you damaging your hands as you attempt to do something using your solid upper body strength and misjudge your ability to hold the weight or balance whatever it is you are moving, picking up, pushing, or pulling. Do you see that point? This same individual said he could only do a few pull-ups because he often lost his grip, and said the pain was too much. I thought to myself; “what is he doing wrong” and wondered if he was not doing things in a proper ergonomic fashion. Perhaps it was just simple corrections that he needed to do, or maybe he needed to stop lifting all those weights and start doing more hand and wrist exercises.

The more I thought about this the more I realized that my hand and wrist strength comes from “washing and detailing cars” just like the Karate Kid Movie; “Wax on, Wax off!” Seriously, maybe he needs more reps and lower weights until he gets his wrists and hands where they need to be. Please consider all this and think on it.